Upgrade Your Pro Wallet To Version 1.2

It is important to update your PRO wallet when the new updates are available. Developers create updates to fix bugs, improve functionality, integrate new features and change the look and feel.

If you have not downloaded and installed the Pro wallet the principles in this videos will also assist you.


  • Peter 04-07-2017

    I never downloaded the first version.
    Following your video, I downloaded the new version installed it.
    But I’m getting “Out of Sinc” message and shows zero coins.

    How do I resolve this?

  • shanna 07-07-2017

    running like a charm. Thanks for the video! you Rock.

    • Admin 07-07-2017

      Great to hear that. Nice upgrades to it visually and the background coding to integrate into the future… beam me up Scotty.

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