How To Fix The Pro Currency Wallet Out Of Sync Message


  • Gary Konigsberg 01-07-2017

    that did NOT work
    still showing as out of sync
    how could that possibly be the fix???
    you cant proceed without granting permission to
    Windows Defender etc. so that cant be the problem, the
    wallet would never have downloaded to my computer without
    my allowing the exception!
    that is NOT the problem
    i need a fix that works please!

  • Gary Konigsberg 02-07-2017

    blame it on McCaffee anti virus
    i never would have purchased it except it was on my computer when i did a factory reset.
    it does a great job but i have found it to be intrusive to the point of blocking a site and then
    when i indicate i want to go to the site in spite of “it’s concerns” it won’t let me access the site.
    i transferred the wallet to my laptop which only uses Microsoft’s integrated solutions for anti
    virus and firewall and it worked there. Took a while for the sync to occur so at first I thought it
    was the same issue there but it did eventually sync.
    Now I just need to know why my pending rewards have not transferred to my active account

    • Admin 02-07-2017

      Thanks for sharing the fact that some antivirus software programs can cause issues. In today’s world with so many different browsers, security settings, etc… we need to know what we have and figure out how to make things work.

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