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The Cryptocurrency Group is comprised of people that are passionate about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them and the way these coins are impacting the future of the world. It is truly a revolutionary time when “Brick and Mortar” sales are replaced by online “Click and Order” sales for the first time ever during the holiday season of 2016.


Our community seeks to support and educate one another in current trends within the cryptocurrency sphere and to help one another make the best decisions in regards to coins.

With a clear understanding that the usability of a coin is what makes a coin truly successful and knowing that a great number of the current coins will plateau and even end as failed projects we seek for those coins that have more backing than speculation. Now is the race for coins to solve certain problems in the world today so that they hold a place in society in the future.


We applaud Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency, which set the world on a new path and also have a deep appreciation for all the other coins that are striving to solve real world problems, which will ultimately give their coin stability.


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We welcome all to be a part of our learning and growing together. You can get on our newsletter and join our forum. It would be great to have you if you are there to be a spider on the wall and learn or if you are passionate about cryptocurrency and want to share.